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Sakshi Agarwal - 9673910244

Priyanka Pathania - 9818951442

What is Sistah?

Sistah is a Women-only Help Network, that will bring together Women of a Neighborhood, City, Country and from across the world, so they can help each other in any aspect of life. Women can reach out to women nearby based on GPS location in an emergency, or based on what they choose to help on. It will enable women to support each other on critical issues like Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Dowry, to universal ones like Career, Single Parenting & Financial Independence.

What is Sistah
How Will It Help

How will it help Women?

Getting Women together will give them strength, knowledge and courage in unity, to fight any issue.

How is the Product being funded?

Instead of going to conventional Investors, Venture Capitalists, NGOs, Government Organizations, we are approaching Individuals who could contribute smaller amounts to fund Product Development.

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How can I know more about Investing?

To know more please call or write to us on:
Sakshi Agarwal – 9673910244
Priyanka Pathania – 9818951442

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Product Detail
Sakshi Agarwal - 9673910244
Priyanka Pathania - 9818951442